About Yuzz-a-ma-tuzz Toys

With screen staring fast becoming the main source of entertainment for most, there are more and more calls from parents who have concerns that their children don’t really know how to play anymore, their imaginations and creativity suffocated by apps, bleeps and blue light.

We stock a wide range of crafts, science and discovery, wooden retro toys, construction kits, automata, games, puzzles and quizzes. books and play figures designed to engage your child’s imagination, encourage their creativity and enhance their development- no batteries required!

And if you are wondering why call a toy shop Yuzz-a-ma-tuzz, the answer can be found in Dr. Seuss's “Beyond Zebra” – “...you’ll be sort of surprised what there is to be found, when you go beyond “z” and start poking around...”. Step away from the screen and explore, create, play -discover where your imagination can take you.

The Courtyard Shops, 15-17 Market Square

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