Magnoidz Magnet Science Kit

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Learn about how a compass works and what are directions using the compass.including the North and South poles, also have fun creating pictures with the iron sand capsule. This magnetic experimentation science kit contains instructions for 7 experiments including; Experiment 1: Attract & Repel car experiment Experiment 2: Colour the ring magnet poles Experiment 3: N & S poles experiment Experiment 4: Bar magnet compass experiment Experiment 5: Iron sand experiment Experiment 6: Bar magnet experiment Experiment 7: Draw with the iron sand capsule Features Instruction and Educational Resource booklet included What's in the box?: 2 x mini cars, 1 x blue boat, 1 x horseshoe magnet, 2 x bar magnet, 4 x ring magnet, 1 x iron sand capsule, 2 x sticker sheet, 1 x compass 23cm Recommended for 6+ years

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Magnoidz Magnet Science £13.00