Weird Science Create A Zombie

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Not one for the squeamish! Make your own zombie head, fill it with horrible slime and blood then mould a horrific bouncing eyeball! Make scars and horrible wounds then watch the zombie flesh and flesh eating maggots glow with this amazing science set! Contains: 1x Plastic Syringe, 3x Packs Of Crazy Clay, 1x Pot Of Slime, 1x 3D Glue, 1x Wooden Paint Brush, 1x Set Of Plastic Tweezers, 1x Pot Of Glow Liquid, 1x Bag Of Corn Flour, 1x Zombie Head Mould, 1x Zombie Body Mould, 1x Sheet Of Grease, 1x bag Of Crystals, 1x Plastic Eye Mould, 8x Gel Maggots, Proof Paper & Instructions Package Dimensions: H28.5 x W36 x D6.5cm Age: 8+

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Zombie £11.95