Egyptian Mummy Kit

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This super cool Egyptian Mummy Excavation Kit is an exciting gift for any child interested in archaeology. Carefully chip and brush away at the excavation block to reveal the mummy's sarcophagus which is based on the real-life ancient Pharaohs. Once you have fully excavated the sarcophagus, you must then use your restoration skills to restore the faded paint work using the paint pots included in the pack. Open the sarcophagus to reveal a mummy inside and then wrap the mummy in the ancient Egyptian bandages to preserve it forever! The kit also contains an instruction booklet packed with facts about the Ancient Egyptians. Features 23cm Suitable for 10+ years Kit includes; 1 x excavation block; excavation tools; magnifier; 6 x coloured paints; 1 x paint brush; 1 X set of bandages, 1 x ancient Egyptian mummy.

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Egyptian Mummy Excavation £9.50